About Me :)


Hi there, I am Sudeepta, a girl who loves to travel and always craving food. Welcome to my blog!!!Hodophileandfoodieme.com! Let’s explore some good places and eateries together.

I am a physics graduate and a job seeker, and also a housewife. Apart from studies and household work my passion is traveling over the world and experiencing different cuisines, and sharing my thoughts and feelings about food tours with people. I don’t think there is anybody who doesn’t love food. So do I..!!!… I didn’t travel to many places, but whenever I hear about a new place, I dig into that place through social media and collect as much as possible information perhaps that keen-to-know attitude in me motivated me to start my new blog through which I can share my knowledge with people who love food and travel. I have 2 goals in my life. One is to explore my country which is India’s every known and unknown place and its traditional food cuisine, then, after done with my 1st goal, the second one is to travel around other countries and try some international dishes. Don’t know when all my dreams are going to be fulfilled, but till that time, I will put my trust in Social platforms. 

About Hodophileandfoodieme:

On”hodophileandfoodieme” I am sharing my travel and food experiences and information about new places and cuisines. I love exploring new things about traditional food and cultures and the benefits of traveling that affect one’s busy life. If you are planning a new vacation then you can get the necessary information about the place you are planning to visit so that you will never miss any single detail. You can also get information about food cuisines through my blog if you are an extreme foodie like me.