Pabrai’s Naturelle Ice Cream Review| Best Nolen Gur Ice Cream in Bhubaneswar

Natural Ice Cream or Artisanal Ice Cream has become a trend nowadays. It was first started in India by pastry chef Kunali Dattobhai in Mumbai and become popular eventually due to natural fruit flavors.
Location- Jaydev Bihar, Bhubaneswar, beside Hotel Pal Heights, 751013
Ratings- 3.5 star
Will I Revisit- Yes

About Pabrai’s:

It was started in 2008 by Mr. Kunal and Nishant Pabrai under their father Mr. Anuvrat Pabrai’s mentorship who had over 30 yrs of experience in Ice-cream making. They utilized their knowledge in making Artisanal Ice cream and started the” Pabrai’s Naturelle and Fresh Ice Cream” parlor in Kolkata.

Now it has opened several branches all over India. It has a total of 29 outlets across India and in Kolkata total of 12 outlets out of total franchises. These parlors also give both dine-in and online delivery through Swiggy for their marketing. One of the branches is opened in Bhubaneswar.

How I Found The Place:

Last week on Friday, the 28th of April, me,  my husband and my mother-in-law were strolling on the street of Bhubaneswar, it was almost evening, and the weather was still very balmy because it was a summer evening. We were craving some good ice cream to get some refreshment. My husband was checking on his phone about some natural ice cream Parlour in Bhubaneswar and found a place called Pabrai’s Naturelle, a Kolkata-based ice cream parlor.

He checked out the menu and found Nolen gur Ice cream which he tried in Kolkata. Without delay, we headed towards the location through Google Maps and reached there.

How It Looks:

The location of the Parlor is less crowdy. As it is in a residential area. The outer ambiance is very greenery and the exterior design is very simple and warm. It feels like a small cottage. 

The exterior of the Parlor

The interior of the parlor is very cozy and warm. The fragrance inside the parlor is a mix of Ice- cream and a type of soothing room freshener that smells good to the nose. There is a glass review board on one side of the wall and on the opposite side of it, there are pieces of information about their owner and their most loved ice cream with the ingredients used to create such flavors.

About the Owner Information
Review Board

The ambiance was preferable for small gatherings, student entertaining corners, and small family gatherings. For large gatherings, it is a very small place. There is no time limit decided for any customer. You can go and come out any time you want.

Staff Behaviour at Pabrai:

Staffs are quite friendly and interact with customers actively and service is also fast. Whatever we asked about their branch, their best-selling item, their owner, and other important information, they were answering very politely and also suggested some flavors which are popular among customers there. We also tried some of their suggested flavors.

One of the staff is preparing our order

They were also describing some of their best-selling product’s manufacturing ideas and how it was supplied from Kolkata, how they are marketing their products, etc. We really enjoyed their company.

What I Tried:

As per the staff’s suggestion, we tried many flavors there. But we liked very few flavors and I will give reviews about the flavors which I, personally relished there. I am not disrespecting all the variety of flavors that are available there, but, it is my personal opinion, and also not disdaining other customers’ choice of flavors.

Here is the list of flavored ice creams I Tried:

  • Nolen Gur Ice Cream

In my opinion, this is the best flavor I tried there. Nolen Gur or Palm Jaggery in West Bengal is known as the queen of jaggery. The taste of this gur is itself a delicacy. The ice cream out of it is really innovative and the result comes out from it is a full success. Pabrai really did a great job. I tried 1st time this flavor and the taste just kicked my tastebud.

I got surprised, at how a jaggery-flavored ice cream tasted so good. Especially, the melted jaggery on the top of the ice cream enhanced the flavor beautifully.

I will definitely revisit this place for Nolen Gur Ice Cream. If you are in Bhubaneswar, then do try this flavor in this cozy cafe. I am sure you will not disappoint. The price range is also average.

  • Chili Guava Ice Cream

The chili Guava flavor was ok for me. I was expecting more from it, but it didn’t match my expectation. But I think, after trying the Nolen Gur flavor, my palate might not be accepting other flavors easily. It is funny but I was really excited to try the Chili Guava flavor.

Still, I recommend everybody to try the flavor once. Because It is one of their best selling items. I personally didn’t like the flavor fully, as I tried it in some other places and it was very flavorful and the structure was also smooth. If you are interested to try the flavor then I will recommend another place called “Guavaz” which also serves the best natural ice creams and it is not so far from Pabrai’s parlor.

  • Mix Fruit Flavored Ice Cream

After Nolen Gur, the mixed fruit flavor is my favorite Ice cream there. The flavor was sweet and mildly sour because it is made up of different berries. Due to the berries in the ice cream, the flavors are melting in the mouth. I will definitely revisit the place to try this flavor again.

Other flavors I will recommend to try in Pabrai’s are

  • Paan-flavored ice cream
  • Coffee Ice cream
  • Alphonso mango ice cream
  • Anjeer ice cream

The price range at Pabrai:

The price range is pretty decent. the starting price of one ice cream of one scoop is 79 rupees and the maximum price for 500ml is 415 rupees, which is affordable by anyone. I am really happy with the price. According to the location and quality of the products, the price is worth it for me. So, I will not comment on anything regarding the price. I am sharing the Pabrai’s ice cream menu, so, that you can get ideas about the prices.

The Menu Card At Pabrai

Overall, I like the ambiance of the parlor, the staff behavior, and the Nolen Gur Ice Cream the most. But, I think the taste of many flavors is not up to the mark except for some flavors. So, I request the Pabrai’s owners to improve the taste of the flavors which are not very popular, as the menu has a variety of flavors.

Thank you for reading my blog…….For any queries please comment down below and also share your experience at Pabrai if you have been there before.

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