Bhangarh- A True Curse or Myth, A Mystery Of Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort is situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. A beautiful fort in the most haunted place ever one can say. The sign boards inside the fort tell the history and mystery of the fort.

Bhangarh, a cryptic village, and the Bhangarh Fort, India’s most haunted and cursed fort have many mysteries. The scary fort is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan in Bhangarh Village. It was constructed in the 16th century by a king named Bhagwant Das as the residence of his second son Madho Singh. One way it attracts tourists is through its Artistic design of the Rajputana era and in another way the history scares many to not stroll around for longer. Whether it is a myth or valid, something strange in the fort can not be ignored.

The fort describes itself as the beauty and beast. During the day, it is like other beautiful famous tourist places, but at night, it changes its form to a beast—even the Govt. Of India has banned tourists from entering the fort at night.

Bhangarh fort
Inside Bhangarh Fort……PC: Source

Interesting Facts About Bhangarh Fort:

1. The Curse:

Locals there say many stories regarding the curses behind the fort. But 2 popular curses are

  • Once there a sadhu or monk named Bala Nath lived in the fort. At that time the king was Madho Singh. The king wanted to extend the pillars of the fort. He asked the monk about the proposal and the monk accepted it but made a condition that the shadows of the pillars of the fort should never fall upon his house. The king agreed with the condition and started to extend the pillars.

But unfortunately, the shadows of the pillars fall upon the monk’s house, and seeing this he got angry and left the fort but spelled his evil words that the entire fort town will be doomed in the future. Eventually, the successors of Madho Singh got dead and the entire Bhangarh became haunted.

  • Another famous curse is a story related to a local black magician and princess of Bhangarh. According to locals, the Princess of Bhangarh named Ratnavati was the prettiest woman at that time. Many princes and common people wanted to marry Ratnavati. But she was not accepting any proposal.

One day, the princess went to the local market with her friends and looked for Perfume. Near the perfume shop, there was a black magician (Tantrik in Hindi)who saw the princess and was mesmerized by her beauty and wanted the princess to love him. Then he spelled his black words on the perfume bottle saying whoever will use the perfume will come towards him.

Ratnavati bought the perfume and went to the place. But in the middle of the road, one of her friends told her about the black magic she saw at the perfume shop. The princess got angry and threw the perfume bottle on the roadside. But the perfume bottle fall upon a stone and the black magic started.

The stone came toward the Tantrik and killed him. But before his death, he cursed the entire fort and it will be ruined in the near future. To his words, after some days the fort was attacked, and the entire town became an uninhabited place.

2. Paranoia Activity

Local people from nearby villages don’t like roaming around the fort during day time also due to the curse and belief of misfortune will touch them easily. They say at night some kind of strange sounds and barking of dogs listened by some people. No one came out of the fort in the night. Some say, that Princess Ratnavati’s soul is still in the fort and she didn’t want anybody enters the fort at night.

3. The Roofless Village

It is strange to see that every house in the Bhangarh village is roofless. It is believed that the curse of the monk made this village roofless. Whenever one tries to build the roof, the roof collapses automatically. The Archaeological Survey Of India and many scientists tried to know the reason why it is impossible to build the roof of houses but all failed to find the reason. This is really a mysterious fort I can say.

bhangarh fort
Roofless houses…PC-source
4. Accident story

The stories in the fort itself make it the scariest place ever. Some locals say no one escapes from the fort after sunset. Once 3 friends out of courage entered the fort in the night. There is no light in the fort. So, they had torch lights along with them. They were strolling inside the fort and one of them fell on the ground but was rescued by another friend. But, then suddenly something strange happened and they run towards the exit of the fort and were able to escape. But, after some time, they faced a road accident and all died.

Another story is about whoever takes Sweet inside the fort after sunset, the sweet can either destroy or vanish. There are many accidental stories that happened in the fort which can’t be unavoidable.

5. Experience inside the fort

Some tourists claim that something is strange inside the fort. After entering the fort, the air feels eerie, and the movements are followed. Some say the breath becomes high and conscious. Don’t know any paranoia activities but something like that feels by some people.

How To Reach The Fort:

  • By Air: Nearest Airport is Jaipur Airport. After reaching the airport take a bus or taxi ride of 70 km to reach the Haunted Fort. There are various direct flights available from major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Bhubaneswar, etc.
  • By Train: Nearest Railway stations to the fort are Bhan Kari Railway Station( Bak) and Dausa Railway Station. After reaching the railway station take a taxi or Auto ride of 20-25 km to reach the fort. Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express, Mandore Superfast Express, and Ala Hazrat Express are direct trains to the above railway station. These trains are directly available from various metro cities in India.
  • By Road: The best way to reach the fort I can say. Always a road trip is better than any mode of transport. Though it is time taking before reaching the fort you can enjoy glimpses of village life, relish the food in roadside Dhabas, the natural scenery of farms, etc.

From Delhi- 283km distance through NH-48 via Personal cab or rental taxi

From Agra- 183 km distance through NH-21 via Personal cab or rental taxi

From Gwalior- 252km via Mumbai-Agra National Highway

From Kota- 254km via Lalsot-Kota highway

Best Time to Visit:

As Rajasthan is a hot region, it is not a good idea to visit during summer. The rainy season is also not a good option as there is no guarantee of rain and the season is also like Summer. So, in my opinion, Winter is the best time to visit Rajasthan and also the fort.


6 am- 5 pm

bhangarh fort
Temple inside the fort…PC-source

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