Explore the Amazing Offbeat Tamil Nadu-Top 9 Unique Places In Tamil Nadu

Are you planning for a Tamil Nadu trip?????…. As the winter is ready to touch entire India, Tamil Nadu I is also ready to welcome tourists to indulge in its mesmerizing beauty. Forget about the popular places, let’s explore the offbeat Tamil Nadu; I can guarantee you will not be dissatisfied.

offbeat Tamil Nadu
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Offbeat Tamil Nadu:

Dhyanalinga Temple:

offbeat Tamil nadu
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Location: Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu

Located at the foothills of the Velliangiri mountains for more than 2,000 years is a perfect space for meditation. The world’s largest mercury-based live linga does not ascribe to any particular faith or belief system nor does it require any ritual, prayer, or worship. You can see that all the aspects of life and energies are enshrined in the form of seven chakras. It is believed that the energies of the Dhyanalinga will not suffer any decadence for at least 5,000 years.

In the entrance 2 Teerthakundas are featured. it is believed that these teerthakundas are so powerful that they straighten out the energy or astral imbalances in a person, which brings physical and mental well-being.

Opening Time:7:30 am-8 pm

Best Time To Visit: Weekdays of any month

Pichavaram Mangrove Forest:

Offbeat Tamil Nadu
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Location: Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu

The country’s only mangrove forest after Sunderban is also the world’s second-largest mangrove forest. It lies between 2 estuaries, namely the Vellar Estuary in the north and the Coleroon Estuary in the south. Due to these 2 Estuarine complexes Killai Back Waters and Pichavaram mangrove forest have been created.

Nature lovers will definitely indulge in its magnificent beauty. Boating between the clouded trees whose roots are permanently rooted in a few feet of water and backwaters creates amazing adventurous feelings. Watching the flora and fauna closely is itself a thrilling and exciting experience. You don’t believe there are 400 water routes available for boating.

Other water sports like Rowing, Kayaking, and Canoeing you can try there. Migratory Bird watching is also another reason to visit this place.

Best Time: December And January

Airavatesvar Temple:

offbeat Tamil nadu
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Location: Kumbakonam, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu

The UNESCO World Heritage site is a 12th-century Lord Shiva temple of Dravidian Architecture built by the Chola Emperor Rajaraja II. The temple architecture of stonework will blow your mind beautifully. There is a water tank of Cauveri River water. People used to take a dip in the tank. According to local mythology, Lord Indra‘s elephant(Malla), or Airavata was restored to clean white skin after he took a dip in this tank.

Opening Time: 6 am to 8 pm

Best Time To Visit: Any month according to your choice.

Berijam Lake:

offbeat tamil nadu
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Location: Kodaikanal, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu

The lake with its lush green scenery and clean surroundings is a perfect place for picnics, camping, and boating. The flora and fauna will amaze you with their natural beauty. One can spot animals like leopards and bison around the lake. Also, you got to see Avian creatures like Crested serpent Eagles, Pariah kites, and migratory birds like Blue Chat, Leaf-warblers, etc.

Reaching the lake is not a difficult task as it is connected to a well-connected road. One needs a forest pass which can easily be available by the local govt—tourism office.

Opening Time: 9 am to 3 pm

Best Time To Visit: October to May.

Shalimar Weaves:

offbeat Tamil Nadu
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Location: Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

If you love to wear traditional attire, especially silk is your 1st choice then, Shalimar Weaves is the perfect place for you. Traditional Tamil handwork of silk will definitely be a must-try attire for your wardrobe. You can buy various silk sarees, shawls, dresses, Shirts, etc.

Opening Time: 10:30 am to 7 pm

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate:

offbeat tamil nadu
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Location: Kottagudi, Tamil Nadu

For tea lovers and nature lovers, this is one of the best places to enjoy the scenic beauty. It is the World’s highest tea elevation plant. The Kolukkumalai tea is considered amongst premium quality tea in South India.

You can roam around the tea garden and view the picturesque mountain view from the height. You can buy Kolukumalai tea and book a jeep safari to the orthodox tea factory.

Best Time to visit: August to January

Uppilippan Temple:

Offbeat Tamil Nadu
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Location: Thirunageswaram, outskirts of Kumbakonam in Kozhikode dist., Tamil Nadu

Uppilippan temple or Oppiliappan temple is an 8th-century Dravidian-style temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is also known as Thirunageswaram temple. Here Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Oppiliappan and his consort Lakshmi as Bhudevi. It is one of the Pancha Kshetram, where Mahalaxmi was born as Bhargavi, the daughter of Maharishi Bhirgu.

When Mahalaxmi became young, Lord Vishnu went to take her hand to her father. Maharishi said Mahalaxmi is too young for marriage as she is so young that she can’t cook a bowl of rice. Lord Vishnu said she would be the best cook in the world. Whatever she would cook with or without salt that dish would be best of quality. After that in Panguni month( Tamil month-March and April), the auspicious marriage happened between Lord Vishnu and Mahalaxmi. The wedding day is celebrated as the Chariot festival. Many visitors come to see this beautiful festival.

As per Lord Vishnu’s word, the prasad served in the temple is saltless and known as Neyvethiyam. It is believed that the prasad is cooked by Mahalaxmi. Isn’t it an amazing place to explore on your travel bucket list????

Best Time To Visit: March-April

Ramana Ashram:

offbeat Tamil Nadu
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Location: Thiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu

Such a peaceful environment will drive you into meditation and act as a great medicine for your noisy mind. The 20th century Ashram is a perfect place where you have this opportunity. The Ashram is dedicated to the South Indian sage Maharishi Ramana. His disciples built the Ashram, where Ramana used to meditate.

When you enter the Ramana Ashram, you will see a large open courtyard haunched by tall trees. Among them, the 400-year-old Iluppai tree is one of the main attractions. Right next to the tree, 2 towers of Dravidian Architecture will be other major things you get to see. In the Ashram you can take yoga classes in 2 batches that are 5 am to 12:30 pm or 2 pm to 9 pm.

In the Ashram, you can feel Sage Ramana’s everyday lifestyle. There is a small Nirvana Room, in which Ramana Maharshi spent his last days. Other attractions include the Library, New hall, newly constructed guest house, and cottages situated near Pali Tirthan tank, a part of the Palakuttu forest area, where Ramana Maharishi used to take long walks.

Best Time To Visit: Any month.

Cook With SundariKrishna:

offbeat Tamil nadu
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Location: 8/32, Vannanthurai, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600020

If you are in Chennai and love South Indian food and want to learn about authentic vegan South Indian recipes, then join the cookery classes provided by home chef Sundari Krishna Mam in her spacious home kitchen. She also teaches North Indian cuisine.

Sundari mam is known for her hospitability. She gives time and teaches with great enthusiasm to both her Indian and international students. After cooking food, enjoy lunch/dinner with the host with some precooked dishes prepared by mam.

Set a date from your travel list for your Tamil Nadu trip and book a slot at your convenience either lunch or dinner from her website airkitchen.me/kitchen or simply type cook with Sundarikrishna on Google where you can get necessary information regarding booking, payment, etc. The cooking time is generally 3-4 hrs and it will cost you around 42$ per person as per current pricing mentioned on her website. At a time, a maximum of 5 people will book for group cooking.

Best Time To Visit: Any month.


I hope all of you like these unique places I have mentioned above. In my opinion, if you love to travel then visit the places that many people are not aware of. I did a lot of searches on Google to find these places. If anyone knows about some other unique places or offbeat Tamil Nadu then let me know in the comment section.

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