World Trip 2023 Packing Essentials | Planning Around The World Trip 2023

World trip for over a year is a difficult task. For this lots of planning is required to effectively go for a smooth journey.

Planning a round-the-world trip? Have you booked your ticket? Have you packed your luggage????….Ok… it is not an easy task but not so difficult also…With proper planning, You can pack minimal things which are necessary for your long-term travel, People have a general assumption that long-term travel requires lots of packing so it results in more pieces of luggage. But this is completely a misconception. More luggage means not easy to carry and during airport checking in international airports,  it is difficult to check in for the flight. 

        Before planning a tour I am giving you some important tips to avoid unnecessary mishaps during your journey. Before planning an international tour make sure to check the basic requirements to enter a country. That means reading the travel guide from the websites of the country’s airport or hotel you booked for staying.

For a world tour, you have to read different countries’ websites and plan your journey one after another. For example, 1st know every detail about your country’s Visa facility, some countries require Travel Insurance for entering the country so thoroughly read the guidelines and make insurance for sure. Plan how to travel to different countries one by one by checking the respective connecting flights. After all the plans are done pack your luggage and start your journey.

Here I am providing a list of some essential packing essentials which will help you during the world tour.

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Packing Essentials for World Trip:

Diary or Notepad

Before traveling one should maintain a pocket diary or notepad for keeping important information like family members’ phone numbers, Country’s dial numbers, and travel tips on which places you are traveling from locals after reaching a particular country. I know this is a digital world but a hard copy is always better than a soft copy in some situations. So have it for sure.


When we talk about travel it is imperative that clothing comes first. In general, people think more travel means more clothing. But for a regular traveler, more travel means minimal clothing according to climatic conditions. Whether he/ she travels for 1 month or 1-year clothing packing difference between these time gaps remains very less. Here I am giving you clothes packing ideas according to gender basis for a long-term travel tour.

a.For A Female Traveller

Sun protection shirt(2), Dress(1), Short sleeved shirt(5), long-sleeved shirt(2), Tank top (1),

Thermal (1), cardigan wrap (1), Travel pants (2), skirts/ capris(2), jeans(1), hoodie(1), thin raincoat (1), underwear(7-8), bras(2-3), leggings(2), socks(7-8), pajamas(1 pair).

b. For A Male Traveller

Sun protection shirt(2),  Short sleeved shirt(5), long-sleeved shirt(2), Thermal (1),  Travel pants (2), Capri trousers(2), jeans(1), hoodie(1), thin raincoat (1), underwear(7-8), long track pants(2-3), socks(7-8), pajamas(1 pair).

Note: During long-term traveling, you must try to do laundry once a week in the nearest laundry center or in the hotel or hostel you are staying. If the laundry is not available nearby then wear washable clothes and wash them in 2-3 days gap by hands.


Footwear is a must for traveling. At least 2 and at most 3 footwear are needed.

  • Hiking shoe(1 pair)
  • snickers(1-2 pairs)
  • Sandals(1 pair)

Miscellaneous Essentials

  • Travel laundry detergent
  • Safety materials(Handwashes,Sanitizers, Mask, Gloves)
  • Snacks
  • Water bottles 
  • First Aid kit
  • Umbrellas per person
  • Insect repellant
  • Journals
  • Earplugs
  • Sunglasses
  • Lockable steel cable
  • Small travel locks
  • Microfiber travel towel(2-3)
  • Emergency toilet paper
  • Wet Tissue
  • Sewing kit
  • Extra paper bags
  • Camping equipments(optional)
  • Travel makeup kit(For females)
  • Mosquito repellant lotion + coil


  • The laptop and its charger per person
  • Mobile phones and charger per person
  • Camera
  • GPS Tracker
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Back up hard drive
  • Power Adapters
  • Tripod
  • Shoot camera
  • Universal plug adapter

Mandatory Items

  • Visa
  • Passport(photocopy + original)
  • Passport sized photo
  • Covid certificate
  • International Driver’s License

Toiletries and Personal Beauty and Bodycare

  • Soap Bar
  • Tooth Brush, Paste, Tounge cleaner, Mouth wash
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Deodorant + Perfume
  • Travel make-up kit(For females)
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Body lotion
  • Beard saving kit(For men)
  • Brush and Comb
  • Personal grooming(as per choice by individuals)


  • Advil, Aleve(For Sinus headache)
  • Benadryl( For runny nose)
  • Sudafed, Suphedrine PE(For Stuffy nose)
  • Advil, Neoprene, Tylenol(For fever and aches)
  • Delsym 12-hour, Tussin cough(DM only)
  • Rabeprazole, Pantoprazole(For acidity)
  • Atovaquone/Proguanil or Malarone, Tafenoquine(For Malaria)
  • Relispray, moov, Volini(For joint pain)


Backpacks are always better than trolley bags. It is always in trend and also easy to carry. For the tour, you have at least 2 backpacks for carrying things. In one backpack put all the electronics, medicines, Mandatory items, Diary, or notepad. In another backpack put other items in the above list. Also, carry one handbag if it is required.

world trip

              So, here I have provided all the possible necessary details about the luggage packing. Hope, you get some idea about how to pack your things minimally. You can also remove or add things to your packing list per your requirements. For more exciting posts please follow my blog

                     …… Thank You…..

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