Jispa Valley-A Small Beautiful Destination To Explore…

Jispa Valley is an absolutely stunning place to embrace the beauty of the Himalayas. Many people are unfamiliar with the name but trust me, it is one of the Himalayan treasures one should adore. This tiny village on the Manali-Leh highway will surprise you with its parallel scenic beauty. Let’s explore this tiny beauty of North India.

jispa valley
Beautiful Jispa Valley
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About Jispa Valley:

It is a small beautiful village in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh state, elevated at 10,500ft above sea level has a total of 78-80 households and a population of around 400 people( source: Wikipedia), is a small staycation for tourists traveling to Leh, Ladakh. When you enter the valley you can see the beautiful mist-covered mountains covering the whole valley whose silhouettes are elongated in the entire Bhaga River and small riverside cottages adding extra beauty to the place.

Many people choose to stay in the Keylong or Sarchu for their long journey towards Ladakh but in my opinion, Jispa is a much better option. In spite of one one-night stay in the valley I think this place has many more to offer to stay here for longer at least one whole day is enough.

What To Do In Jispa:

  • Visit Jispa Monastery: The famous monastery known as Kardang Monastery or Gompa is a Drukpa Lineage monastery which is the most important monastery of the Lahaul Valley. It is believed that this Buddhist Gompa was built in the 12th century and has a library of Buddhist literature including Kangyur and Thangyur scriptures in the Bhotia or Sherpa language. It also has old musical instruments, weapons Tankas, etc.( Source:https://theindiantrip.com/things-to-do/kardang-monastery-jispa-activity)
  • Camp in the Bhagha River: Jispa Valley is among the best places to camp. There are several spots on the riverside where you can do self-camping. Otherwise, you can book a private hut which you can quickly get there. Another best option for camping is Deepak Tal Lake towards Bara Lachha La Pass.
  • Strolling Around The Valley: As the village is not so big there is nothing much to do. You can just roam around the valley and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature for a peaceful mind and though you are not traveling to Ladakh still just rest here if you are coming from Manali and do talk to locals as they are very friendly towards tourists.
Jispa valley
Bhaga River…..PC: Source

Places Near Jispa Valley:

Though the Jispa Valley is small still it is the connecting place to many famous tourist destinations like Rohtang Pass, Atal Tunnel, Sissu Waterfall, Confluence of Bhaga and Chandra Rivers, Bara Lacha la Pass, Deepak Tal Lake, Suraj Tal Lake, etc.

Rohtang Pass:

It is the main reason for more than half of tourism in Lahaul and Spiti Valley. The pass is always covered with snow throughout the year. you got to see many unseen cascading waterfalls, lush green mountains, natural hot springs, beautiful valleys, difficult roads, and water crossings on the way to the pass.

jispa valley
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Atal Tunnel:

This tunnel is a blessing for the Lahaul people. The tunnel is a total of 9km in length and acts as a game changer for reducing the time and distance between Manali and Lahaul Valley.

Sissu Waterfall and Lake:

Sissu is 50 km before Jispa and after Rohtang pass. The waterfall here is named “Palden Lhamo Dhar”. It is right across the Bhaga River. If you will be facing any problem finding the waterfall then do take the help of locals. The waterfall forms a lake called Sissu Lake.

jispa valley
Frozen Sissu waterfall and lake
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Confluence Of Bhaga And Chandra River:

You got to see the confluence of Bhaga and Chandra River in a place called Tandi which is about 32km from Jispa. Due to this confluence, a new river has formed called the Chenab River which flows both in India and Pakistan.

jispa valley
Chandra-bhaga-river-confluence PC: Source
Bara Lacha La Pass:

You have to drive ahead about 52 km from Jispa to reach the pass. This landscape has always snow-capped for almost a year. This pass generally opens in a few months of summer. But it is not always possible to guess whether snowfall will happen or not. Tourists are often stuck in the pass due to unexpected snowfall.

jispa valley
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Deepak Tal Lake:

It is a small lake that you will cross while traveling from Jispa to Bara Lacha La pass. There are several dhabas near the lake where you can take a short break or do self-camping near the lake.

Suraj Tal Lake:

This is another lake located atop BaraLacha La Pass. It is the root of the Bhaga River and remains frozen for most of the Year.

Best Time To Visit Jispa:

As the Valley is located at a very high altitude the weather remains cold throughout the year. It is best to visit during the Summer, Spring, and Autumn months when the weather is pleasantly cold rather than in the Rainy and winter months when it becomes harsh cold.

In Jispa summer months are from April to June end when the weather is mild cold. The day looks sunny and the sky at night is visibly clear. In these 3 months, there is very little chance of roadblocks that’s why you can cover most of the tourist destinations that pass through the valley.

jispa valley
Jispa in Summer
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July and August are rainy months so there are lots of chances of landslides and roadblocks due to heavy rainfall. Definitely, I will not recommend this season. But after the rain the greenery you should not miss when Autumn enters the valley in September and October. In these 2 months, the lush green mountains, soothing breeze, and orange sky will make you feel like Spring.

Starting from November to January the winter becomes harsh, so, it is difficult to travel. After that Spring arrives in February and March when the smooth snowfall will make your trip memorable.

How To Reach Jispa Valley:

To reach Jispa Valley the first destination you will stop at Manali. From then you will either pass through Rohtang Pass or Atal Tunnel. The only medium after Manali to reach Jispa is by Manali-Leh highway road. You can do a road trip in your own vehicle or book public transport to reach the destination. In my opinion, Atal Tunnel is the best option as traveling through Rohtang Pass will cost you more both time and money if you are booking a private taxi.

If you are traveling from Delhi whether by personal owned vehicle or by bus or bike you will definitely cover the following places on your way to Jispa. It is a total journey of 550km.

These places are :

Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurukshetra – Ambala – Chandigarh – Rupnagar – Bilaspur – Sundar Nagar – Mandi – Bhuntar – Naggar – Manali.

jispa valley
Picture shot at Manali-Leh highway
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By Bus: After reaching Manali pre-book HRTC or HPTDC busses from their websites or directly catch the busses to visit nearby cities.

By Air: Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport to Manali which is 50km away. After reaching Bhuntar you can book a taxi to Jispa. You can find flights both from Delhi and Chandigarh. But the demerit is flights to Bhuntar are less and also very expensive. In my opinion, Chandigarh Airport is cheaper than Bhuntar and after reaching Chandigarh book a taxi or bus to reach Manali, and from there you can book public transport to Jispa.

By Train: If you are willing to travel by train Chandigarh is the best option. After reaching Chandigarh railway station book a taxi or bus from ISBT Chandigarh to Manali then from Manali book another public transport to reach the destination.

Rohtang Permit: If you are driving in your own vehicle then don’t forget to get a Rohtang pass permit before traveling through the pass. You can get it from the official website.

Where To Stay:

A few years ago there was only one hotel, Ibex Hotel. But now you can find a couple of Hotels and wooden huts near the Bhaga River or you can do self-camping.

Some of the famous Hotels other than Ibex Hotel are Padma Lodge, Hotel Yak, and Jispa Guest House.

Jispa valley
Ibex Hotel
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Where To Eat:

There are no Dhabas you can find to taste local food. You can have your food in Hotels or campsites only. But you can definitely find tea stalls around the village.

Important Information You Should Know Before You Travel To Jispa Valley:

  • The only network there is BSNL.
  • Take essential medicines with you because it may be difficult to find a medicine store in this small village.
  • Carry cash with you as there is no ATM in the village. The nearest ATM you will find in Keylong town which is 23km away.
  • There is no Petrol pump in the village. The nearest petrol pump is Tandi which is 32km away.

If you like this place and want to visit here then do read the necessary information mentioned above and let me know in the comment section how much you like the blog….. Thank You…

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