Explore The Stunning Offbeat Places Of Kerala In Monsoon |Top 7 Unique places In Kerala To Visit In 2023

Kerala, the iconic place of tradition and culture, attracts everybody around the world with its spectacular natural beauty. There are many places to stroll around, but I will suggest Top 7 unique places in kerala to explore this beauty.

Hey Everyone…..Welcome back to my blog, After 3months of postpartum, this is my 1st blog. Now, in India beautiful southwest monsoon has arrived in every part of the country….so, how can I miss the chance to write about one of my favorite monsoon destinations, Kerala…Here, I will suggest the Top 7 unique places in Kerala to visit in 2023.

Kerala, God’s own country, is the ultimate destination where Almighty and nature have combined to create such marvelously picturesque scenery which can’t be described through words. The greenery and culture, merged together to fascinate anyone to indulge in this ancient and modern itinerary.

The way it has created the top spot in India as the most educated state and the most women-educated state, similarly it has achieved one of the top tourist places due to its incredible greenery and beautiful landscapes. Here, one can visit the most popular tourist places like Munnar, Kochi, Wayanad, famous tea gardens, etc. But, there are many places that are known by their locals, not by everyone.

So, get ready and start back packing to explore the unexplored Kerala with me.

top 7 unique places in kerala

Top 7 Unique Places In Kerala | Offbeat Places Of Kerala| Kerala In Monsoon:

1.Chembra Peak:

If you are visiting Wayanad District, you can stroll around many popular tourist places like Menmutty Waterfalls, Wayanad Wildlife sanctuaries, Edakkal caves, Lakkidi view point, Pookode Lake, etc. But if you love trekking then Chembra Peak is the best option.

Situated above 2000m from sea level, at a distance of 17 km from kalpetta in Wayanad district, has a mesmerizing combination of natural flora and fauna. During travelling towards the entry point of the peak one can wander the beauty of tea gardens and mountains covered by the clouds.

top 7 unique places in kerala
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The best time to travel the peak is early morning around 5-6 am. Only 200 people are allowed to the peak every day. Otherwise one can stroll around the lower part of the mountain. But, one should wake up early and must trek towards the peak, so, that, he/she can enjoy the beautiful hidden beauty of that place which is the heart-shaped lake.

There are many countries who have heart shaped lake. But not all can avail the chance to travel abroad and see the work of nature, but, in our own country one can get the chance to see the lake with affordable price.

Entry Timing: 7am -4pm

Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode Railway station( 79km)

Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport ( 97km)

Where To Stay: Zostel plus Wayanad, Flora Vythiri resort, Adri chembra, etc.

2. Ponmudi:

The hill station is 61km from Thiruvananthapuram, famous for its mist-covered hills. Locals always prefer long drives to the valley on weekends. If you love road trips, especially in mountains then the towering views of both sides of the road by wild trees you will surely fall for. Beautiful kallar river falls in the midway where you can hike there to see the amazing scenic beauty of the lower part of the hills.

top 7 unique places in kerala
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Neyaar Wildlife sanctuaries are close to the hills, where you can enjoy the jungle safari and ride a boat in the Neyaar River. Also, a lion safari park is there to visit. You can also do a sight scene at Chittipara.

Ponmudi entry Timings: 8 am to 4 pm

Nearest Railway station: Thiruvaanathpuram Railway station( 61 km)

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport(67km)

Nearest Hotels: Golden peak hotel and River country Hotel, etc.

3.Jatayu Nature park

The biggest bird sculpture of the world has both mythological as well as architectural significance which attracts many tourists to visit there. The colossal sculpture is built on a rock called Jatayu Para( In Malayalam para means rock).

From Mythological point of view, Jatayu the giant vulture of Ramayana fell here while fighting with the demon king Ravana, who kidnapped Sita, the wife of lord Rama. Jatayu considers one of the greatest heroes of Ramayana Stories.

top 7 unique places in kerala
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But the Architectural significance of the sculpture contributes more to making it a popular tourist place. It is the largest functional bird sculpture. The statue provides 15,000 square feet of utility space. Inside the wing, a multi-dimension mini theatre has been built, and a water reservoir of 1.5 million ltrs capacity has been built on the top of the sculpture.

Another major attraction is fully glass covered cabin on the gigantic hills that provides beautiful panaromic views from top of the hill. Cable car ride has also another tourist attraction. Kids as well as adults will love this adventurous journey.

Nearest Railway station: Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station (50 km)

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum Airport(52km)

Near by Cities: Kollam(34km), Thiruvaanthpuram(44km)

Where To stay: Hill way park hotel, Fragrant nature backwater resorts, Anamthara resort, etc.

4. Poovar

Engulfed with the beautiful backwaters by Arabean sea in the east and towering Ghats in the west, Poovar is itself a unique place whose beauty is irreplacable. Many visitors around the world come Kerala particularly to enjoy this scenic beauty of the backwater.

top 7 unique places in kerala
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The traditional houseboats and the coconut trees on both sides of the backwater add more beauty to the place. You can also relish the Malayali cuisines in the houseboats prepared by authentic chefs of Kerala. Tourists always appreciate both suns rise and sunset views where the backwater and the Arabian Sea meet with each other. I highly recommend this place to mark this in your travel bucket.

Nearest Railway station: Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station( 27 km)

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum Airport(30km)

Where to stay: You can rent a houseboat at an affordable price.

5. Gavi

Gavi, a major eco-tourism center of Kerala, is for nature lovers and Adventure tourists. The hills and valleys, tropical forests, rambling grasslands, sholas, and falling waterfalls make the place a major tourist hub in one’s travel list.

top 7 unique places in kerala
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The road leading to Gavi is clouded by many Tea plantations which itself a beautiful journey towards the destination. One can enjoy trekking in the Gavi forest to Sabarimala Aayapa Temple and enjoy watching wildlife closely with local guides. Outdoor campaigns are also allowed at beautiful Gavi Lake. Other major attractions are tree houses and cardamom plantations.

Another beauty of this place is mostly vegetarian foods are served by locals which signifies the eco-tourism project started by Kerala Govt. One can talk to locals about the forest and their livelihood from a knowledge point of view. I recommend this place you should visit once.

Nearest Railway station: Kottyam Railway station(114km)

Nearest Airport: Madurai Airport( Tamil Nadu, 140km), Cochin International Airport(190km)

Where to stay: Aranya Nivas KTDC, KTDC Lake Palace, etc.

6. Vagamon:

The beautiful meadows and pasturelands untouched by modern privilege are a perfect place to hike around. To indulge in this natural beauty one should visit the place in person. Tourists mostly prefer tree houses to enjoy these beautiful pasturelands.

top7 unique places in kerala
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This place is heaven for adventure lovers. Paragliding, mountaineering, trekking , rock climbing and night time campaigning are most loved adventure sports there. People love to travel around the famous 3 chain of hills: Thangal, Murugan and Kurisu mala. These are important to Hindus, Muslims and Christians respectively and are a perfect exmple of communal harmony lies in one place. If you are planning to travel Kerala then do visit Vagamon.

Nearest Railway station: Kottyam Railway station(75km)

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport(150km)

Where to stay: Angel’s garden, v homes, etc.

7. Kakathuruthu:

If you are visiting Alpazhua then plan an afternoon tour to Kakathuruthu. A small island by Kerala backwaters is a place where one can enjoy the serene sunset view. A small village on the island doesn’t sink in heavy rain which is one of the favorite places for various migratory birds.

Top 7 unique places in kerala
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The calmness of the island, ducks swimming on the Vembanand lake, small ponds around the village, soothing air from coconut palms, and green paddy fields to fall for literally. The village there takes everyone to past days like a fairytale which was told by our grandparents about their good old days. A must-visit place for a peaceful mind.

Nearest Railway station: Ezzhupunna Railway Station, Alpazzuha(4km)

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport(50km)

Where to stay: Marshoo Island homestay, Kerala backwater homestay, Royal Mundro palace homestay, etc.

If you are planning to visit Kerala in the monsoon and love to participate in different cultural festivals then must visit the famous Champakulam boat race in Alappuzha, Thrissurpooram temple festival, and Onam festival.

Thank you for reading my blog…….

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